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Beer Filler Blocs

The SRT filler bloc from Fimer provides a solution to a diverse range of applications while offering four main benefits: compactness, synchronisation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Fimer SRT-RT


The SRT combines rinsing, bottling and capping capabilities in a single machine and is for use with beers.
  • Compact size
  • Single control for all operations
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Main Features FIMER

The SRT monoblocs, are designed and manufactured by FIMER for customised applications, solving the most demanding packaging problems for a diverse variety of productions, from natural corks to metal lugs, while offering four main benefits: compactness, synchronization, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Compactness means that overall dimensions are smaller, since the monobloc integrates multiple functions into one piece of equipment, thus freeing up valuable workspace. Moreover, thanks to turret-to-turret direct conveyance, the exposure of both containers and product to air and potential pollutants is significantly decreased.


Synchronization is ensured by a single motor, driving all three turrets by means of gears.The machine is perfectly timed and allows the user to adjust the speed of rinsing, filling and closing with one simple operation.


The exclusive construction based upon customer specifications allows for the highest degree of flexibility. For each SRT monobloc, individual bottling requirements are carefully assessed, in order to target the solution that will grant maximum production efficiency, ease of installation, use and maintenance.

Cost Effectiveness

In terms of cost-effectiveness, FIMER’s tailor-made SRT models have an additional advantage over mass-produced monoblocs: by correctly combining the turrets, the exact output requested can be reached for the container, closure and product in use.

Also, when compared to solutions with free-standing machines providing the same functions, the monobloc has the best cost-benefit ratio, both at the time of purchase and relatively to consumptions, maintenance and management of the various container sizes at hand.

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Options FIMER
  • Rinsing fluid recycling system
  • Water filtration on rinser turrets
  • Air filtration for air cleaners
  • Deaeration unit
  • Filler feeder pump
  • Mirror-polished filler tank
  • Annular tank for fillers with 24 or more valves
  • Millimetric regulation of filling level
  • Separate air and wine return for levelling fillers
  • Neck supports for soft containers on gravity fillers
  • Dummy bottles for filler cleaning
  • Stainless steel metering chambers for piston fillers
  • Central greasing for bottle-lifting cylinders on fillers
  • Vacuum corking with flat-headed straight corks
  • Inert gas injection before corking
  • Sterilization of cork compression jaws
  • Pick and place for continuos thread plastic closures
  • Twin infeed scrolls for light plastic bottles
  • Total monobloc guarding (with roof)
  • AISI 316 applications for aggressive products