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Our range of Sleevers from Nortan cater for the varying demands of bottling production.

Nortan Sleeve Treatment Machine

Sleeve Treatment Machines

The sleeve is a moulded tubular thermal plastic film with great resistance and flexibility and can be applied quickly, both as a decoration of 360 degrees and a guarantee seal on an endless series of containers of different materials and shapes.
Nortan Long Capacity Magazine

Long Capacity Magazine

By not needing to stop the machine and the production line to replace with a new coil, it gives maximum comfort, thanks to the huge additional roll film.
Nortan Sleever Steam Tunnel

Steam Tunnel

Steam thermal-retraction tunnel with compact dimensions and easy regulation and use.
Nortan Hot Air Tunnel

Hot Air Tunnel

Hot air thermal retraction tunnel with compact dimensions and ease of use and regulation. Suitable for thermal retraction of seals and cylindrical bottle made of glass and PET.