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Jayco packaging is a distributor for Makro Labelling in the UK, one of the leading manufacturer's of labelling machinery in Europe.

With labelling machine installations for high speed food production and bottling lines, our experience and knowledge of the Makro product range, combined with our design and after sales service make us the first choice when installing labelling machinery within the UK and Ireland.

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The Makro Labelling solution is built on a central rotary carousel which allows various labelling stations to be fitted. For more information on Makro labelling carousel and stations, please select: View Makro Labelling machinery in operation
Labelling Machinery The Makro range of labelling machinery is a world class leader in the bottling industry.

The Makro range of labelling machines provide the fastest production rates while guaranteeing reliable and simple operation and include self adhesive labelling machines, hot glue labelling machines and wet glue labelling machines.

The possible applications include: