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Makro Labelling Hot Glue Unit

MAK HM - Hot Glue Unit

A hot glue station that can be fitted to the central rotary carousel. View Makro Labelling machinery in operation
Main features Makro Labelling Makro Labelling Hot Glue Unit
  • Min.-max. hourly production: 3,000 b/h to 36,000 b/h
  • Application: pre-cut paper labels and OPP.
  • Nordson unit glue heating system.
  • Glue transfer: sprayed on bottles and distributed on overlaps with a dispenser “comb” operated by electro- pneumatic insertion. (no bottle-no glue)
  • Unit support carriage made of steel tubes (AISI 304) equipped with X-Y-Z axis recording system.
  • Fixed and mobile carriage versions.
  • Bottle holder plate cam rotation; mechanics include replaceable sector or belt and toothed pulleys or stepper motors.